Not all that is green is green – The European Parliament proposes to ban the misleading practice of “green rebranding”!

2023. 01. 24.

The European Parliament’s (EP) Committee on Environment (ENVI) has adopted a resolution, initiated by Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth by a large majority today on misleading claims about environmental friendliness, the so-called “green rebranding”. The text adopted strengthens consumer protection against unreliable environmental claims: it bans the practice of “green rebranding” and combats misleading consumers. The adoption of the proposal is a major success, as it protects European consumers, along with Hungarian interests, from unfair practices.

According to MEP Edina Tóth, in order for consumers to become real participants in the green transition, they need to be properly informed about the products on offer, as this is the only way to make real, sustainable choices. EU research shows that nearly 40 percent of environmental claims made about products are false. “This is where the new legislation could now tighten up. It is important that consumers’ commitment to going green is not hindered by misleading information provided by companies”, the Fidesz MEP stressed.

We are fully committed to supporting consumers and preventing “green rebranding”. “By adopting this proposal, we will provide powerful new tools to help consumers make informed choices and enhance the sustainability of our products and our economy”, she added.