A new chance for the European Citizens’ Initiative

2018. 07. 16.

The European Parliament passed a report by Fidesz MEP György Schöpflin today, proposing a mandate for reforming the European Citizens’ Initiative.

The European Commission is the only initiator of EU-level legislation, which explains why the citizens’ initiative has not succeeded so far. By revising and reforming the European Citizens’ Initiative, György Schöpflin, EPP rapporteur, would on the one hand simplify the technical and administrative conditions for the initiators, and, on the other hand, would like to achieve greater transparency both in the Commission’s internal procedures and in the activities and funding of civil society.

“The European Parliament has a role in this process as it can organize public hearings on the initiative and with its organizers. However, the current Rule of Procedure does not yet allow successful initiatives to be discussed in the plenary meetings. That is why I proposed amending the Rule of Procedure, creating the opportunity to discuss initiatives at the political level, to embrace citizens’ requests and to provide greater political presence,” said György Schöpflin, Fidesz politician, about the vote.

Three-way, inter-institutional negotiations will take place in the autumn, where the EP, together with the Commission and the Council, will finalize the text of the reform of the European Citizens’ Initiative.

Background: Through the European Citizens’ Initiative, citizens have the possibility of direct contact with the EU. If an initiative receives the support of one million citizen signatures, the initiators have the right to ask the Commission to initiate a legislative process.