Macron jeopardizes the EU’s credibility on enlargement policy

2018. 04. 25.

Press release by Andor Deli

“French President Emmanuel Macron gave a serious blow to the European Union’s credibility by stating that there should be no enlargement until internal EU reforms have been carried out,” said Hungarian MEP Andor Deli during the last session of the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee on the publication of the 2018 country reports.

“After reading the disappointment articles of the local media in the candidate states and the reactions of the region’s politicians, I am confident enough to state: Emmanuel Macron’s remarks during last week’s EP plenary session caused a serious setback for European enlargement policy. President Macron disregards the Commission’s efforts, the endeavours of the Bulgarian presidency and the EP’s and some Member States’ commitments to enlargement. He further disregards the fact that the political stability of the region is an indispensable element of Europe’s security,” said the EPP politician.

In connection to the committee meeting Deli added: “Macron’s statement immensely damages the European Union’s authenticity and credibility among the citizens and politicians of Western Balkans’ candidate countries. Alongside the consistent policy of the Hungarian government, the Fidesz-KDNP EP delegation will continue to stand firmly for EU enlargement in the Western Balkans.”