Let us commemorate the Roma Holocaust!

2018. 01. 25.

Press release by Lívia Járóka

For the first time ever, the European Parliament on Wednesday commemorated the Roma victims of the Holocaust on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The commemoration was officially opened by Mairead McGuinness, Vice-President of the European Parliament for interreligious dialogue. Lívia Járóka, the first EP Vice-President of Roma origin also delivered a ceremonial speech. “The Roma people are the forgotten victims of the Holocaust, therefore it is my utmost pleasure and honour to hold this ceremonial speech here today, the first time that the Roma victims are officially remembered,” the Fidesz MEP said.

“Sadly, the Roma Holocaust is still largely unknown among the wider public,” said the EPP politician. She listed the most significant historical events that led to the Roma people becoming victims of the gravest crime in the history of mankind. The society’s lack of knowledge about Roma history and the Roma Holocaust has contributed to the persistence of prejudices that continue to hamper the integration and acceptance of the Roma. “We should remember and remind. Not out of remorse or self-pity, but to learn from past mistakes,” Járóka said.

“The Holocaust was a crime against humanity. We should remember and respect women and men who bear testimony to the magnitude of the human spirit. It was their faith in a better future that gave them strength to endure gruesome hardship and torture. And it is the same faith that should guide us now to make the world better, more equal and more just,” the EP’s Vice-President from Fidesz added.

After the ceremonial addresses, Jacques Delfeld, Vice-President of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, opened the exhibition dedicated to the victims of the Roma Holocaust.