László Trócsányi faced a political lynching today

2019. 09. 30.

Press Release by Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the European Parliament

The pro-immigration forces carried out another harsh and coward political act when the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs decided today to continue torpedoing the nomination of Hungarian Commissioner-designate László Tócsányi.

It is clear that they pursued a political lynching of László Trócsányi because he protected Hungarian citizens from illegal mass migration and because, as  Minister of Justice of Hungary, he brought about legal border protection.

Pro-immigration politicians slyly hid behind a conflict of interest procedure, and in a closed session without any substantive debate, took a decision about László Trócsányi’s candidacy based on dishonest claims.

Given that all points in the letter written by the Committee to the EP President are incorrect and can be refuted by facts, László Trócsányi intends to take legal action.