Hungary supports young Christians in need

2018. 03. 28.

In order to ensure their access to education, Hungary grants scholarships to young Christians in Africa and the Middle East, said MEP György Hölvényi, Fidesz-KDNP, recently. Judging from the statements of these young people, Hölvényi added, it is clear that all of them would rather return home than stay here.

As the European Union is directly impacted by the ongoing conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, it should bear its weight by helping those in need. “These students know that with regards to the future of their country, emigration is not a solution. This view must be strengthened in the EU as well,” said Hölvényi.

Instead of sheltering the problem under our roof, Europe is strong enough to offer aid where it’s most needed. “Our primary task is to create a secure environment, then take care of housing, education and begin creating jobs. Hungary has already taken its fair share by building a school in Erbil, Iraq,” said Hölvényi.

Students from Iraq and Nigeria affirmed that the Islamic State and Boko Haram terrorist groups aim to systematically wipe out Christian minorities on the ground. They asked the EU to stand up for the persecuted minorities and call upon the governments in question to protect their citizens and ensure that the population that has fled can safely return home.

“We must act now. We can’t just stand by and wait for peace to prevail in Syria as thousands might die of hunger till then,” said György Hölvényi in closing.