Hölvényi: “More efficient measures must be implemented in migrant emitting countries”

2018. 06. 21.

Fidesz-KDNP MEP György Hölvényi has said that the success of the EU’s development policy will be judged upon how much it manages to reduce mass immigration from migrant emitting countries.

During the EU’s joint parliamentary session with African, Caribbean and Oceanian states in Brussels, Hölvényi said after three years of inactivity, Europe needs a change of paradigm regarding international development policy – more efficient measures must be implemented in regions where immense emigration occurs, especially in Africa.

“Every migrant is a member of a family, tribe or country; therefore, it is the community itself that suffers from mass immigration,” Hölvényi stressed.

According to the Christian-Democrat MEP, Europe’s current, individualistic attitude fails to understand the reality of local societies.

“This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to involve the churches in the EU-Africa cooperation, because without them no proper conflict management can succeed, nor can humanitarian assistance effectively reach the regions in need,” he said.

“The task of the European Union today is not less than to preserve its credibility with regards to international aid and development policy: we need a clear vision and novel solutions,” he concluded.