György Hölvényi elected EPP Group Coordinator of the Committee on Development

2019. 07. 05.

Press Release by the Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the European Parliament

The EPP Group in the European Parliament decided on its coordinators of the legislative committees Wednesday evening. Christian Democratic MEP György Hölvényi was elected to become the group’s coordinator of the Development Committee (DEVE), an important achievement as the committee is particularly important to Hungary.

In previous years, György Hölvényi fought in the Development Committee for the recognition of the important role of church-related aid organizations in development policy. In recognition of his dedication, the Hungarian MEP was elected as a EPP Group Coordinator for development policies.

In the coordinator’s role, there is potential for stronger action to address the root causes of migration and to reinforce local aid policies. In this role, the Christian Democratic MEP will be able to advocate for more effective EU development policy and international assistance.

It is a major success for the Fidesz-KDNP Delegation in the European Parliament that the Hungarian EPP Group MEP has been elected as coordinator in a committee of such importance to Hungary. With this leadership position, the influence of the Hungarian EPP Group Delegation will be reinforced, creating further opportunities to advance our national interests.

Strasbourg, July 5, 2019