Government Spokesperson: Economic migrants must be sent back

2018. 08. 28.

Illegal migration must be combatted, both the Hungarian Government and the Italian government are united on this stand point. This was the view expressed after a meeting between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minster and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. The main topic on the agenda was the management of migration.

Hungary and Italy have the common experience of being on the front line of the migration crisis, protecting the external border of the European Union. In Italy,  90 percent of migrants are illegal and the situation demands urgent attention.

In an interview on the M1 television channel, Hungarian Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács stated that “economic migrants have to be sent back where they came from,” adding that a solution must be found outside of Europe’s borders.

In addition, Kovács highlighted that public opinion has turned against migration. “The question of migration is also a question of democracy, and there is a gap between the utopian, pro-migration approach of the left-wing elites and the interests of the people.”