Genuine and just climate protection instead of lofty slogans!

2021. 03. 25.

The European Parliament (EP) debated the implementation of EU directives on air pollution and ambient air quality in the plenary. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth emphasized in her speech that measures and EU objectives to protect the climate and reduce air pollution should focus on the real impact on society and the economy, rather than bureaucratic steps and shoreless debates.

According to MEP Edina Tóth, air pollution poses challenges to Member States on many fronts. In her speech, the Fidesz MEP pointed out that we need to be ambitious on climate protection issues, however more and more European Parliament resolutions do not support this common cause. “In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the debate should focus on the effects of the proposed objectives on the economy, our businesses and jobs, and not on the far-from-reality EU regulations and standards,” Fidesz MEP stressed.

According MEP Tóth, we need to regulate the reduction of pollutant emissions and encourage the related technological transition in such a way that citizens are harmed as little as possible. The most important thing is to create an opportunity for the Member States to implement green economy, climate-friendly technologies and developments. “Citizens must be at the heart of climate protection, because risking their standard of living cannot be allowed for the sake of some of the unrealistic goals that the left-wing has dreamed up in Brussels!” she concluded.