Fidesz submits written questions to EC president on migrant debit cards

2018. 11. 28.

As the EU remains silent on the issue of debit cards for migrants, Fidesz has turned to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker with written questions, according to MEP Tamás Deutsch.

“Hundreds of thousands of Europeans are looking for more information, information that the European Commission is so eager to conceal,” Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said at a press conference on November 17.

The Fidesz-KDNP delegation in the European Parliament, he said, has submitted twelve questions to the President of the European Commission:

  1. Exactly how much money has been transferred to the migrant debit cards?
  2. Upon what consideration and authorization did they base the decision to give away EU money to non-EU citizens?
  3. How many migrant cards are out there?
  4. How many cards have already been handed out and how many do they plan to distribute in the future?
  5. How much EU money is transferred to a migrant?
  6. How many times can the migrant withdraw cash?
  7. How much money can one migrant withdraw in total?
  8. Who is supervising the use of these cards?
  9. Who supervises the use of the money, what it is spent on and how?
  10. Is it acceptable for the Brussels Commission that, according to recent information, migrants spend this money on the services of human traffickers?
  11. Does the Commission find it acceptable that while migrants are queuing at the ATMs, withdrawing money and spending it on a wide array of products, local families just stand there and watch in amazement?
  12. Is it right that in this way the Commission uses EU money to support illegal immigrants?

Tamás Deutsch called upon Jean-Claude Juncker to respond to these questions within 3 weeks.