Families should be at the center of social policy

2023. 05. 12.

In the debate of the European Parliament on Wednesday evening entitled “A roadmap for social Europe: two years after Porto”, Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa highlighted: “Strengthening families is the right answer to social policy challenges, not supporting economic migrants”.

In his speech, MEP Kósa said: “The Porto Declaration adopted by the leaders of the member states in 2021 provides an excellent framework for the implementation of current and future social policy and employment policy. However, as the declaration also underlines, the principle of subsidiarity, the peculiarities of the social protection systems of individual nation states, and the powers of the member states must be respected in this process!”

“However, the current debate and the resolution submitted for adoption go in the exact opposite direction. We must understand that the freedom of decision of the member states guarantees the success of the social and employment policy!” MEP Kósa pointed out.

He emphasized: “In Hungary, a unique support system has been built for families because we believe that a strategy supporting the increase of the birth rate is the basis of social sustainability and social progress. This is our decision, please respect it!”