“A Europe that protects” – Hungary welcomes Austria’s EU Presidency program

2018. 07. 09.

Press release by Ádám Kósa

Holding the rotating presidency of the Council for the rest of the year, Austria presented its program last week at the European Parliament’s Strasbourg plenary. On behalf of the Fidesz-KDNP EP delegation, MEP Ádám Kósa welcomed the priorities of the Austrian presidency, especially its measures to counter illegal migration.

“Austria’s endeavor to focus on policy areas where cooperation can be achieved – while respecting the principle of subsidiarity – is worthy of our support,” Ádám Kósa said.

According to Kósa, the fact that Austria aims to act as a bridge in Europe carries an important message for Hungary. The question of security will become more and more pressing over the coming months as one of the prerequisites to an effective response to illegal migration. The Fidesz MEP welcomed Austria’s intention to build a Europe that protects its citizens, priorities that will receive special attention at the September 20 informal meeting of EU heads of state and government in Salzburg.

For years, the Hungarian EPP MEPs had been signaling that instead of sending irresponsible invitations to immigrants, Europe should focus on the joint protection of its external borders and thereby provide security to its citizens and ensure that internal border checks will be abolished as soon as possible, stressed Kósa.

“We, Hungarians have experienced what it’s like when tens of thousands of migrants flood our country unchecked, overwhelming the railway stations and main squares of our capital. At the same time, we have also experienced what it’s like when we protect our borders and tackle illegal migration,” he said.

“Our country continues to refuse the mandatory resettlement quotas and supports external border protection,” said MEP Kósa, and our position is “that we help the people in need locally, in their own countries.”

In conclusion, the Fidesz MEP pointed out how important it is that the Austrian Presidency encourages the acceleration of the integration of the Western Balkans, as it would contribute to the security and stability of the whole EU.