EU sanctions affect millions of Syrians

2019. 02. 26.

Press release by György Hölvényi

“European economic sanctions on the Syrian regime are affecting millions of Syrian people. At the same time, Europe has to enable Syrians to return to and prosper in their home country,” Fidesz-KDNP MEP György Hölvényi said on the EP’s plenary debate on the civil war in Syria.

György Hölvényi, co-chair of the Intercultural Dialogue working group of the European People’s Party, recalled that the key takeaway of his recent humanitarian visits to Syria is that masses of Syrians live in poverty due to the sanctions and the ruined economy. “As a European, it was particularly painful to see that the Christian communities in the country are on the verge of destruction as a result of persecution and impoverishment,” he said.

The Christian Democratic politician presented as an example for Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, the Hungarian government’s recent decision to provide significant health support to Syrians. “Through the Open Hospitals project, Hungary helps people in Aleppo and Homs, regardless of their denomination,” Hölvényi said.

The MEP also reminded that, according to UN data, today in Turkey 3,640,000 registered Syrian refugees stand ready to depart. “We have to help them, so that they don’t leave to Europe but return to their home country,” György Hölvényi concluded his speech.