EP Vice-President Lívia Járóka responsible for an important portfolio

2019. 07. 19.

Press Release by MEP Lívia Járóka

The European Parliament’s extraordinary Bureau meeting decided on Wednesday on the portfolios of the Vice-Presidents for the next two and a half years. In significant recognition of her previous term as Vice-President of the European Parliament, Fidesz MEP Lívia Járóka retained her portfolio.

MEP Járóka remains the Chair of the EP’s Audit Panel. This professionally vital working group monitors whether EP services pay adequate attention to the work of the Internal Audit Service so that the institution can work efficiently, transparently and effectively.

The Fidesz MEP also retained her position as Vice-President responsible for access to documents. Under Járóka’s oversight, the European Parliament responded positively to inquiries in 96 percent of the cases, making the Parliament the most transparent European institution.

She will replace the President of the European Parliament regarding relations with the Western Balkans, a responsibility of strategic importance in the intensive, pre-enlargement period.

The Fidesz MEP is also a member of the Working Group on Buildings, Transport and Green Parliament, the High-Level Group on Gender Equality and Diversity, and Chancellery of the European Citizen’s Prize.