Enough of politically manipulating the rule of law process!

2020. 11. 26.

The European Parliament has adopted yet another disparaging resolution on Poland, using the desired suspension of the abortion law to hide their political accusations in the guise of the rule of law. It can no longer be tolerated to intervene and violate the competences of the Member States by ignoring the facts and social reality, in violation of the EU Treaties, by making political judgments! As an expression of their protest, the Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the European Parliament did not take part in the vote.

According to the Treaties of the European Union (EU), human dignity is one of the fundamental values, and it follows that the right to life is one of the most fundamental rights. Every Member State and society has a different approach to determining the beginning of life. The European Union can only take action in areas where the Member States have authorized it in the EU Treaties; and the issue of abortion is not one of them. According to the Treaties, the EU’s competence does not extend to the formulation of health policy; the entire organization of this is a matter for the Member States.

The European Parliament’s resolution concerns a de facto ban on abortion in Poland. Accordingly, the left wing of the European Parliament is not interested in de jure facts. The resolution also links this political judgment to the allegation of a breach of the rule of law. This is a clear evidence that political value judgements that lied to be rule of law issues has nothing to do with legal norms.

So, the political attack on Poland and the Polish government is clear. These political attacks, disguised as legal ones, are now systemic and serial in the European Parliament. All of this is unworthy of the European institutions, unworthy of the European procedures for conflict-resolution procedures. The Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the European Parliament therefore withdraws from this procedure and does not take part in the vote on the resolution.