Don’t let the left majority in the EP cover up corruption in Brussels!

2023. 09. 14.

In December, one of the most serious corruption scandals in the history of the European Union came to light, with Belgian authorities launching criminal proceedings against several MEPs. That is why it is unacceptable that the European Parliament is trying to tackle the situation with sham proposals in ethical cloaks instead of a complete and immediate eradication of corruption. Today’s decision is further proof that the EP’s left-wing majority has no interest in stopping corruption in Brussels. We, Fidesz and KDNP MEPs, say that corruption in Brussels must be stopped immediately. This is what’s at stake in next year’s European Parliament elections.

It is understandable that the corruption scandal in December and the irresponsibility of the left have irreparably shaken voters’ confidence in the transparent and democratic functioning of the EU. That is why it is so outrageous that the European Parliament, in its proposal adopted today, would address the situation with bureaucratic sham rules wrapped in an ethical cloak, instead of a complete and immediate eradication of corruption.

In the case of corrupt left-wing MEPs, the problem was not that they filled in the tables incorrectly, but that they sold their political influence for money from third countries, and therefore there was a well-founded suspicion of criminal activity in the course of their parliamentary activities.

However, the report voted on today by the left-wing majority in the EP ignores the facts. It is time for this attitude to change, because the future of the European Union as a whole depends on the EU institutions operating transparently, fairly and accountably for the benefit of all its voters. The EP has clearly failed to do this because of the irresponsible policies of its left-wing majority.