The Commission is still silent about the Soros-Juncker meeting

2017. 07. 10.

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch submitted a priority written question to the European Commission on June 1st regarding the Soros-Juncker meeting that took place at the end of April in Brussels. The June 22nd deadline for answering the questions has already expired, yet the Commission still owes a response. What is the Commission hiding?

The European Commission was quite sparing with details when it informed the public of the Soros-Juncker meeting. However, every EU citizen has a right to transparency and public access to documents, therefore the European Commission shall provide proper information on the background of the meeting.

MEP Deutsch inquired about who initiated the meeting, what the goal of the meeting was, and whether a record of the meeting is accessible.

While the deadline for the Commission to respond has already expired, no answers have been received. The European Parliament’s appropriate department also took an interest in finding out the reasons for delay, but the Commission gave an evasive answer.

“The President of the European Commission held talks with American billionaire speculator George Soros in a protocol setting fit for the reception of a political leader. However – ignoring institutional and transparency regulations – it still remains silent about the details and background of the meeting and continues to give evasive answers to the EP about responding to written questions. Outrageous enough that weeks after the deadline we still have not received a response to the written questions,” Tamás Deutsch said.

Background: Tamás Deutsch submitted the following questions to the European Commission:

  1. Which party initiated the meeting?
  2. What information served as the basis for the President of the European Commission’s decision to hold the meeting?
  3. What were the items on the agenda, and where can the public access the written memorandum or minutes of the meeting?