CAP reform: quality first

2019. 02. 27.

Press release by Norbert Erdős

“With a large majority in Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, we managed to prevent the current European Parliament from voting on the new agricultural policy of the Union,” said Fidesz MEP Norbert Erdős in Brussels. “Thus, the next Parliament, which is expected to have an anti-immigration majority, will be able to decide on the future of Europe’s rural areas and hopefully reintroduce traditional cohesion and agricultural subsidies instead of supporting migration.”

“Exerting serious pressure on the political groups of the European Parliament, Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan urged the European Parliament to vote on agricultural reform prior to the May elections,” said Erdős. “However, the agricultural policy texts are yet to be finalized, and there is no agreement on many issues, not only between but even within the parliamentary groups. For example, it is unacceptable for us to impose unreasonably strict environmental regulations on farmers, and they want to centralize all area-based payments under the aid ceiling,” he added.

Erdős voiced his concern that we are not yet familiar with the future EU agricultural budget, and that the forthcoming Brexit will certainly have serious impact on the agricultural market. “Lacking accurate knowledge of the above, it is impossible to plan properly, so we must postpone legislation for at least another half a year,” said the MEP.