Balázs Hidvéghi becomes EP rapporteur on proposal for operational police cooperation

2022. 04. 26.

MEP Balázs Hidvéghi has become responsible for the proposal in the European Parliament to make police cooperation between Member States more effective through recommendations.

The Fidesz MEP stressed that the proposal is a step towards a safer Europe: “It will help Member States coordinate their efforts towards eliminating cross-border crimes, including the prevention and detection of illegal immigration and human trafficking, by making recommendations”, he said.

“The much-needed proposal will greatly facilitate cooperation between police forces of Member States, for example, in cases where a fugitive offender has to be pursued through the territory of several Member States or where joint police operations are needed. It is crucial to ensure that no offender can escape prosecution simply by crossing into another Member State by harmonising practices within Member States, which are currently fragmented”, MEP Hidvéghi underlined.