Another ill-drafted proposal by the left threatens affordable transport!

2023. 11. 21.

Today, the plenary session of the European Parliament accepted its proposal on reducing the emission target limits of trucks and buses. According to Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth, the lack of charging infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles is currently a huge challenge. “Brussels’ ill-drafted regulation is raising the price of new trucks and buses.” – she added.

In her speech, MEP Edina Tóth emphasized: In the field of interurban transport, we are not yet prepared to use only ‘green’ electric buses within the time frame the EP proposed, based on another ill-drafted idea of the left wing of the European Parliament. “If overly strict EU rules and targets were to apply to these vehicles, they would once again impose significant burdens on transport companies. And this burden would have an impact on ticket and pass prices, for example the prices of county passes and national passes, which are particularly favorable in Hungary, and which the passengers would have to bear. It is clear that the left-wing MEPs continue to completely ignore the interests of the European people,” – she pointed out.

According to the Fidesz MEP, the available time is extremely short, knowing that for now there is neither adequate charging infrastructure nor viable demand for the use of exclusively non-internal combustion engine buses and trucks, which is why the average age of the vehicles will continue to increase. “We have to plan and implement our steps thoughtfully and thoroughly so that it does not cause excessive burdens on businesses and passengers!” – she concluded.