Accessible emergency communication can save lives

2021. 09. 14.

The European Parliament recalled that devastating floods hit several regions of Belgium and Germany in July, followed by severe fires in Greece and Italy in August. In this connection, Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa asked the European Commission what can be done to prevent victims from dying because they have reduced mobility and are unable to escape in time or to call for help because of their disability.

“We all saw the shocking footages of the devastation of the flood, which unfortunately claimed hundreds of victims and forced masses to leave their homes. We barely recover from this, we already witnessed the rampant destruction of forest fires,” MEP Ádám Kósa reminded.

Kósa also recalled the sad fact that the flood in Sinzig, Germany, killed 12 people with disabilities in a home because help arrived too late. MEP Kósa pointed out that statistics show that older people and people with disabilities are generally twice as likely to fall victim to natural disasters. “Therefore, in addition to reducing the risk of a disaster, the notification system must also be continuously developed, for which purpose it is worth using the latest technological innovations,” MEP Kósa emphasized.

The Fidesz MEP reminded that in Hungary, the so called „VÉSZ” emergency notification service, offers free help in case of need. “This is a free app developed for smartphones and tablets. The news, warnings, and alerts that appear here provide authentic and accurate information and keep users safe,” said MEP Kósa.