Whatever the left-wing majority in the EP is up to, we will defend Hungary’s sovereignty!

2023. 11. 22.

At today’s plenary session of the European Parliament, MEPs again debated Hungary, at the initiative of the socialist group, with the aim of discrediting the country. In the debate, MEP Tamás Deutsch, Head of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, pointed out that the European left, together with the Hungarian dollar left, are constantly launching political attacks against Hungary’s sovereignty in order to play dirty power games. But whatever they are up to, we will not dance to the tune in Brussels! We will defend our national sovereignty! Change is needed in Brussels!

MEP Kinga Gál, President of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, stressed that Hungary is being attacked and is being brought to its knees because of its pro-peace, anti-migration and child protection policies. But they are trying in vain to punish the Hungarian people with the support of the foreign-funded Hungarian opposition, and we will defend the sovereignty of the country.

MEP Tamás Deutsch pointed out that the left-wing majority in the EP is obsessed with the idea that they can help their Hungarian comrades, the dollar left, by launching political attacks against Hungarians. “They are playing a dirty power game, attacking Hungary’s sovereignty and encouraging Brussels to illegally withhold EU funds due to Hungarians in the name of political blackmail. While they talk about the rule of law, they have no clue about the fact that illegal campaign funds from abroad could have reached the Hungarian dollar left unhindered”, MEP Deutsch said.

“Whatever they do, we will defend Hungary’s sovereignty! We need a change in Brussels: we need to disrupt the pro-war Brussels bureaucrats, we need to protect the EU’s external borders from illegal migrants and we need to put an end to Brussels’ gender ideological madness”, the MEP said.

MEP Kinga Gál said that today’s debate is yet another act of what has been a long-running political blackmail to bring Hungary to its knees for being pro-peace, opposing illegal migration and protecting children from gender ideology. “The Commissioner from Luxembourg has said that the obstacle to an agreement on EU funds is our law on the protection of children”, the MEP pointed out. He added that “Brussels’ lack of credibility is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the independence of the judiciary is currently at stake in Hungary because there are not enough square metres for judges’ offices, according to the Commission’s repeated objections.”

MEP Kinga Gál underlined that the foreign-funded Hungarian opposition is applauding the fact that they have raised the stakes of what they want to achieve: to prevent the payment of the money that is rightfully due, to prevent Hungary from fulfilling its EU presidency, and thus to punish the Hungarian people. “But we will defend our sovereignty. Enough of the increasingly absurd anti-Hungarian campaign built like a house of cards. As many across Europe expect: change must and will come next June. Hands off Hungary!” the MEP concluded.