We saved the Hungarian farmers!

2024. 04. 17.

At this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels, the MEPs voted with a large majority for the agreement reached during the inter-institutional negotiations, which takes action against the counterfeiting of honey and which determines that in the future it will be mandatory to indicate the countries of origin of honey blends on the label in descending order with the percentage share of each origin. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth said after the vote: “I am very pleased that my amendments on the labeling of honey also contributed to the tightening of the rules for marking the origin of honey and honey blends.”

MEP Edina Tóth underlined: “The agreement reached in connection with the so-called “Breakfast Directives” paves the way for a more effective fight against honey counterfeiting, as the mandatory and accurate percentage of origin labeling can effectively help in the fight against honey of uncertain origin and dubious quality from outside the EU.”

Thanks to this, it will be clear to customers which country the honey and honey blends come from. This will greatly contribute to the support of Hungarian honey and beekeepers, as consumers will be able to find quality Hungarian honey more easily and by purchasing they support not only Hungarian beekeepers but also the preservation of biological diversity.” – pointed out the Fidesz MEP.