We need future-proof skills

2023. 05. 12.

The European Year of Skills began with the plenary session of the European Parliament on Tuesday. Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa pointed out in his speech: “The European Year of Skills gives us the opportunity to assess the great challenges and opportunities of our time; digitalization is a good example of both. It is also worth remembering that the most important skills do not only include knowledge”.

The MEP explained: “Knowledge of foreign languages or proficiency in the digital world are essential for people to find high-quality work, but the ability to adapt, manage stress, and be able to respond to challenges in a focused manner is important.”

“And there are plenty of new challenges because we live in an age when algorithms can give us answers to our questions immediately, which is why, for example, we have to learn to handle information correctly and interpret and use data well,” MEP Kósa believes.

MEP Kósa pointed out: “In order for our available resources to be enjoyed by the young citizens of the EU, the European Year of Skills should only be the beginning, this issue should remain on the agenda in the future”.