We agree with the importance of promoting renewable energy

2023. 09. 15.

The plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) has adopted the renewable energy directive. With regard to this decision Fidesz MEP András Gyürk, has emphasized the following: “Renewable energy plays an important role in maintaining a safe and affordable energy supply. However, the rise of renewables will not be ensured by the proposals of EU institutions operating as crisis factories, but rather through strong national programs based on common sense.”

A serious energy crisis has been raging in Europe due to the reckless decisions and catastrophic sanctions policy of the European Commission. “It has been proven that sufficient and affordable energy is vital for the functioning of the European economy. In ensuring this, renewable energy sources also have a prominent role,” the Fidesz MEP pointed out.

In addition, it became obvious that only the member states are capable of solving energy policy challenges. “The achievments in mitigating this crisis can also be attributed to the decisive action of the governments. For instance, Hungary implemented one of the fastest solar energy programs in Europe and was able to maintain overhead protection, despite the cajoling of the Brussels bureaucrats and the left,” underlined the Hungarian MEP representative.

“It’s time for Brussels to learn from this. Instead of brainstorming on various legislative proposals, the harmful sanctions should be abolished, the financial resources should be given to the Member States, and all assistance should be given to promote renewable energy investments,” said MEP András Gyürk.