Unity and diversity of Europe – Discussion about the Conference on the Future of Europe

2020. 06. 08.

Fidesz MEP László Trócsányi has participated the digital conference and discussion of the Institute of Schuman Thought and the Ordo Iuris Institute. The one month long conference consisting of multiple panels was patronaged by the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki. MEP László Trócsányi assessed in a panel discussion the upcoming start of the Conference on the Future of Europe, which aims to reform the European Union. 

„The European institutional balance has been lost for a while through the constant referencing of the ever closer Union principle and through the chasing of federalist ideas, which dominate the European Parliament currently. We cannot forget that Member States have founded the European Union; they are the masters of the Treaties. It is crucial that the national parliaments should not only assist the integration, but they have to participate the integration as well, this is why the national parliaments have to be included in the debate regarding the Future of Europe,” stressed by MEP László Trócsányi.

MEP Trócsányi has pointed out, that the decade of the 2010s was a decade of crises, the European Union is not in a good shape currently, because there is a crisis of trust – parallel to the economic and financial crisis, the migration crisis, the constant rule of law debates and the tackling of the COVID-19 pandemic. „The new decade has to be successful, but we cannot forget that the European Union is for the Member States and not the Member States are for the European Union,” he noted.

Regarding the decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court delivered on 5 May, MEP Trócsányi assessed that it has shaken the European political public life like an earthquake. It is a clear signal that national constitutional courts gather to protect the constitutional identity of their country and this is why it is important to find a way for the European legal order and national legal systems to live in harmony. The European institutions have to respect Article 4 paragraph (2) of the Treaty on the European Union, which declares the protection of the national identity of the Member States.

„I am Hungarian and I am European, for me, the European integration is important, but it is important as well that we have to be considered to be in an equal position, as equal partners not as a secondary partner. A good example for a cooperation based on mutual respect is the Visegrad Group, which is clearly a success story. As the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán examined correctly: „Thirty years ago we thought that Europe will be our future. Today, we think that we are the future of Europe,” stated MEP László Trócsányi.