Thieves from the Gyurcsány government and Demszky’s city administration are shouting for a policeman

2020. 09. 11.

In its 2019 Annual Report, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) summarizes the fraud cases detected and investigated by OLAF in the period 2015-2019. The most serious corruption scandal in Hungary’s history, the case of the investment in Metro 4, was uncovered by OLAF during this period, in addition to a number of abuses before 2010.

An investigation by the Hungarian authorities and OLAF revealed that of the nearly HUF 500 billion invested, the amount tainted by fraud was at least HUF 167 billion. When it comes to the corruption in question, the only responsible party is clearly and exclusively the socialist-liberal government and leadership of the capital.

In the unprecedented corruption case, HUF 167 billion, one-third of the amount spent on the investment in Metro 4, was stolen, fraudulent and misused by left-wing and liberal politicians; thieves of the Gyurcsány government and the Demszky city government, for which the Hungarian people are still having to pay a heavy price. After all, in the context of OLAF’s annual report, left-wing and liberal politicians responsible for the gross corruption case are disguising themselves as innocent, in an incredibly underhanded way, and accusing the current decision makers for their crimes. In this reality, the thieves are demanding a policeman.

The fraud was detected thanks to the hard work of the Hungarian authorities and OLAF. Since 2010, the Government of Hungary has applied a zero-tolerance policy to corruption cases. In the statistics of OLAF’s annual report, the financial correction rate of 3.93% for Hungary is due to the investment in Metro 4 as well as other serious corruption cases, which all took place before 2010 — not under an Orbán administration — but were only detected in recent years. The political and legal responsibility for these cases lies with the people of the Gyurcsány government, despite all the double-talk.