The leading role of the European pharmaceutical industry in the world must be maintained

2021. 11. 23.

The INI report European Medicines Strategy, which aims to strengthen the European Union’s health policy was presented and discussed at the European Parliament’s plenary session yesterday. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth highlighted: “The EP’s proposal on the development of a strategy to combat drug shortages, promote equal access to medicines, ensure the supply of safe and affordable medicines, meet patients’ needs and encourage the European pharmaceutical industry to play a leading role in the world is more than welcome.”

The report is timely, as “due to the coronavirus health issues have become at the heart of the European Union’s agenda and there is an urgent need for better and faster solutions for a successful crisis management in the event of a possible new epidemic.”  

MEP Edina Tóth in her plenary speech pointed out: ” All this requires boosting the capacities of existing pharmaceutical factories in the European Union and involving new manufacturers in the production chain.”

Finally, the politician pointed out: “The production capacities of pharmaceutical companies need to be diversified in order to increase the production and it is extremely important to involve modern production capacities also in Central and Eastern European region and sharing know-how through industrial partnerships. “