The key to a digital Europe is a competitive data economy

2023. 03. 17.

The European Parliament discussed the Data Act at its plenary session on Tuesday. In her speech, Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth highlighted that the proposal was a significant step towards more efficient and transparent data-sharing practices and the digital transition, the primary goal of which is to protect the interests of European citizens. Fidesz MEP András Gyürk also welcomed the report, which could make the commercial use of the rapidly growing European data volume easier and safer.

MEP Edina Tóth emphasized that, for the digital transition, “it is essential to create a precise and robust legislative environment that allows citizens to make decisions about their data.” The MEP added that the proposal also protects small and medium-sized enterprises, which are crucial in several aspects of the digital transition, thereby contributing to balanced market competition. “With the regulation, we can contribute to an efficiently functioning data economy that creates fair and equal conditions for all stakeholders,” said MEP Edina Tóth.

“The European Union must take advantage of the economic potential inherent in data-sharing if it does not want to fall behind in the global competition,” highlighted MEP András Gyürk. “However, for this, it is crucial that users can exercise complete control over their data under transparent conditions. Protecting users and strengthening their role is essential for a strong and innovative digital Europe”, pointed out MEP András Gyürk.