The European Parliament is confused about its role

2023. 01. 24.

The plenary session of the European Parliament debated the revision of the Directive on European Works Councils. Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa, drew attention to the fact that the European Parliament is once again seeking to expand its role. He reminded us that the EP cannot initiate legislation.

In his speech, MEP Kósa pointed out, “The current directive works relatively well. The European Commission received only one official complaint in this regard.”

The MEP believes that the European Parliament is once again confused about its role when it wants to initiate legislation. “Now, when the cost of living in Europe has skyrocketed due to the failed sanctions policy, we should not be concerned with rewriting a piece of legislation that works satisfactorily.”

According to MEP Kósa, better implementation of the directive would be the key: “It’s not the first time I see that the EP wants to solve this with legislation instead of looking at how the current, professionally good framework can be applied more effectively in practice.”