The European Commission has let Poland and Hungary down

2021. 11. 24.

The European Council conclusions of 21–22 October were discussed today in a debate held in the European Parliament’s plenary session. MEP Tamás Deutsch, Head of Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, pointed out that Brussels has abused its power by launching unfounded legal proceedings against the two countries amid the pandemic, a serious migration crisis and even a hybrid war, thereby stabbing Poles and Hungarians in the back. “The European Commission has slapped EU solidarity in the face and let Hungary and Poland down”, the head of the delegation added.

“The European Commission is illegally withholding recovery funds owed to Hungary and Poland and is deliberately causing harm to the two countries”, said MEP Tamás Deutsch.

According to the MEP, “Brussels is funding practically everything that increases migration pressure, but it is not giving money for one thing, and that is the physical protection of borders”.

“Yet by protecting its borders, Hungary is not only protecting itself but also the whole of Europe”, he warned.

MEP Tamás Deutsch also called it unacceptable that, instead of big polluting companies, the European Commission wants to make millions of families bear the cost of the fight against climate change in the form of a climate tax.