The European Certificate of Parenthood is a warfare against the European Christian family model

2023. 03. 16.

The European Parliament debated the European Certificate of Parenthood yesterday. Fidesz MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross said: Any proposal that would make the recognition of parental status between Member States mandatory is a serious abuse of the EU’s powers.

According to the MEP, this debate both raises a legal issue and implies an ideological commitment. “This is a legal question, because family law is rooted in the history, culture, and social values of the Member States. That is precisely why this question falls strictly under the jurisdiction of the nation states. This is an ideological commitment because the EU institutions are launching a warfare of ideas against the traditional European Christian family model, by circumventing the Treaties – stated the MEP.

Our resolution, which is based on the provisions of the Fundamental Law of Hungary, is also clear from a legal and an ideological point of view: the mother is a woman, the father is a man, and the concept of family is the competence of the nation states! – concluded MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross in his speech.