The EU must support the modernization of car fleets

2021. 04. 27.

The European Parliament’ plenary adopted with a broad majority the Implementation report on the road safety aspects of the Roadworthiness Package. Fidesz MEP Andor Deli said that the Fidesz delegation to the EP had supported the adoption of the report; however, he added that particular attention must be paid to the differences between Member States.

,,It is indisputible that the periodic technical inspections are essential for ensuring road safety. However, there is another aspect to which more attention must be paid. This is the average age of car fleets in the Eastern and Western Member States. Usually, second-hand cars are sold in Eastern Europe, thus the average age of car fleets in these Member States are increasing. Older cars need more investment to satisfy roadworthiness requirements, furthermore, frequently hidden defects and odometer manipulation may cause additional difficulties to the owners,” said MEP Deli.

,,We are worried that the ongoing technological shift may steer even more used cars towards the Member States with low purchasing power, consequently, it may further deteriorate the situation when it comes to road safety and average age of fleets. I think that beside strict roadworthiness requirements we are even in greater need of affordable new cars, including low- and zero-emission vehicles. The ambitious climate goals could only be achieved if the transition is ensured equally in the European Union. We do not want to become a graveyard for second-hand vehicles, therefore, I call on the European Commission to create a support mechanism that would help the modernization of car fleets throughout the European Union,” added the Fidesz MEP.