The Commission’s energy policy is a failure – change is needed in Brussels!

2023. 11. 09.

The European Parliament (EP) debated a report on the state of play of the Energy Union in a plenary session on Wednesday. Fidesz MEP András Gyürk emphasised that “the report shows a clear failure of the Commission’s energy policy, particularly in the area of affordable energy prices. This situation is devastating, and the solution requires above all a change in Brussels.”

“The Commission’s misguided decisions and disastrous sanctions policy have caused an unprecedented energy crisis in Europe. As a long-term consequence, the competitiveness of the European economy is in tatters and forecasts predict economic stagnation or recession. Meanwhile, energy poverty in Europe has reached record levels. The responsibility for this lies with Brussels”, the Hungarian MEP pointed out.

The Energy Union should make the promotion of affordable energy supply a priority. “But instead, Brussels — together with the Hungarian dollar left — has launched a concerted attack on the utility price cuts. Brussels bureaucrats and their left-wing comrades in the EP would impose market energy prices on the public, making them pay the price for their failed policies. The Hungarian people can have their say on this during the national consultation”, the Fidesz MEP stressed.

“The Commission’s energy policy has failed, so above all, we need change in Brussels. We hope that this will happen by June at the latest”, said MEP András Gyürk.