Reasonable competition policy instead of left-wing ideology!

2023. 05. 02.

The European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted this week on the report on the EU’s competition policy. After the vote, Fidesz MEP Enikő Győri emphasized: “Once again, the left has done its best to impose its own ideological excesses rather than common sense. They would deliberately create further ideological debates by involving the European Parliament in decisions that require strict professional objectivity. In addition, the left-wing majority, including the Hungarian left, has also blocked a proposal that would help decision-making based on objective indicators”.

MEP Enikő Győri said it was shocking that the left did not support a proposal that would analyse the impact of certain measures on economic growth on the basis of measurable indicators. “Obviously, this would make it harder to smuggle ideology into legislation”, she highlighted.

“I was sorry to see that MEP Csaba Molnár (DK), from the Hungarian left, also supported the politicisation of competition policy by increasing the power of the EP. This would also endanger Hungarian competitiveness”, said the Fidesz MEP.

“Fortunately, despite the pressure from the left, we managed to impose reasonableness, so the report is more balanced. Nevertheless, it was surreal to see that in the vote, the leftists, while opposing a competition policy based on facts, also supported a proposal that would impose an additional burden on European, and therefore Hungarian, companies. In doing so, the left is seriously jeopardising European competitiveness, which is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. There is no place for ideology on such issues”.