Press release of József Szájer

2020. 11. 29.

Today, I have submitted my resignation to David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament. My resignation as member of this parliament is effective on the 31st of December 2020. My decision comes as a result of a long period of reflection. The resignation has nothing to do with the current, animated policy debate taking place on the European level. In the ongoing debates, I agree with the government’s position and fully support it.

The strenuous give-and-take of participating daily in the political struggle has become an ever-greater burden, and those who are on the battlefield must be fit for combat. I have been serving Hungary as an elected politician for thirty years. I have worked mostly in the European field and have endeavored to perform my duties conscientiously, to represent the interests of the Hungarian people and my constituents.

I would like to thank the citizens of Hungary for their support, for electing me four times to represent them as member of the Hungarian Parliament and four times as member of the European Parliament. I have done my very best to serve my country in both institutions. It was a gratifying job to serve the Hungarian people. As I conclude my service as an elected representative, I would also like to thank my fellow representatives and political colleagues for their support.

Going forward, in the place of everyday politics, I intend to continue my public life and the work that I began during the regime change in a more long-term, intellectual field. I hope to carry out my new tasks with the same commitment and determination. I will provide further information on the specifics at a later date.

29 November 2020.

József Szájer