MEP Tamás Deutsch’s letter to the Members of the European Parliament

2022. 02. 16.

MEP Tamás Deutsch, Head of Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, sent the following letter to the Members of the European Parliament:

Subject: SorosLeaks: The network has been exposed

Honourable Colleagues,

In recent weeks, thanks to a series of articles in Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, the real operating mechanism of the network financed by the American financial speculator George Soros has finally been exposed.

The SorosLeaks series of articles also provides irrefutable evidence for those who have so far regarded the allegations about the Soros network as fiction or conspiracy theory. In the footage that has come to light, leaders and researchers of NGOs and lobby organisations of the Soros sphere of influence as well as journalists and politicians report with disturbing honesty and detail on the double standards, fake news and manipulation of the Soros network in Hungary and Poland because of these countries’ patriotic stance on certain political issues.

However, the phenomenon presented by the exposure goes far beyond the attacks on the two countries, as the manipulation machine has not only established a dominant influence in the Western mainstream media, where the biased and false judgements of Soros NGOs are echoed without question: It is in fact a pan-European problem since the activities and decisions of the European Union’s basic institutions are increasingly influenced and controlled by the Soros network through the institutionalised influence of politicians and bureaucrats who have been lured from Soros NGOs into various EU positions, as well as the institutionalised influence of the think-tank and NGO world, which pretends to be independent.

The footage fundamentally questions the faith in the objectivity and independence of the media, putting the problem of external interference in Europe and the European Union in a completely new perspective. The influence of the Soros network on EU institutions is now threatening their integrity. One only needs to refer to the Lagodinsky report on the agenda of this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament, which proposes nothing less than the removal of Soros political lobbying organisations disguised as NGOs from the jurisdiction of Member States, undermining the most basic requirements of transparent management and accountability. In this case, too, the absurd idea of representing the Soros network’s self-interest is now passing through the European Parliament like a hot knife through butter.

Dear Fellow MEPs,

The time has come to substantially deal with the issue of the external influence of the Soros network on EU institutions. It is unacceptable that a network financed by any interest group should be able to exert influence to the extent described above, whether on the European media, on the functioning of the EU institutions or on the assessment of individual Member States. Failure to take appropriate action against the external influence of the Soros network on the EU’s basic institutions could easily lead to an increase in tensions between Member States and said institutions and, at the same time, create a further impediment to European cooperation.

You may find below links to the series of articles published so far:

Yours sincerely,


Member of the European Parliament