Mass vaccination is the only way to stop the pandemic

2021. 01. 20.

The European Parliament held a plenary debate on the EU global strategy on COVID-19 vaccinations in Brussels. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth pointed out that the EU is significantly behind the UK, the US and Israel in mass vaccination.

“Based on the European Commission’s hopeful year-end statement, everybody expected the start of the vaccination in the EU at an unprecedented speed, allowing to lift the existing pandemic-related restrictions. But the positive start has not delivered exactly what was expected”, emphasized the EPP Group politician.

MEP Edina Tóth underlined that Hungarian left-wing parties are using populist rhetoric again. Instead of absurd proposals promising money for vaccination, they should emphasize the importance of mass vaccination, highlighting that a person getting the jab not only protects itself against the infection, but also reduces the chances to infect others.

“The European Commission now has to prove that it is able to step up for its citizens and obtain the necessary amount of vaccines. So the stakes are high, as it is not only about the reputation of the EU, but also about the health of the European citizens,” MEP Edina Tóth closed her remarks.