Let’s take the aid to Africa!

2021. 03. 25.

The European Parliament’s plenary session held a debated on the Africa strategy. In his speech, Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa emphasized that if Africa is important to us, then we need to build our relations with them not based on an ideological viewpoint, but from a practical one. “We need to bring help there; it’s in the best interests of all of us!” pointed out MEP Kósa.

MEP Kósa drew attention to the need to address migration from Africa through economic development, job creation and local livelihoods, so the European Union’s policy towards Africa, especially in the sub-Saharan region, must be placed on a new footing. “We can only be successful if we make a strong improvement in tackling the causes of migration such as security, food security, adequate employment, private investment and education opportunities,” he said.

MEP Kósa added: “A more comprehensive knowledge and management of the root causes of migration is needed. Migration poses a serious security risk to the European Union and it must be stopped by tackling its root causes. Europe’s stability begins with the stability of Africa”.

He emphasized that international development projects in sub-Saharan Africa should take into account and make greater use of African traditional knowledge in order to ensure a fair transition. “It is also important that full accessibility is ensured for the development of all digital technology services in accordance with relevant international and national standards and guidelines,” said MEP Kósa, who submitted a number of amendments to the report during his work in the EP’s development committee. MEPs will vote on the report on Thursday.