It’s time for the EU to deal with the real problems

2024. 03. 13.

The European Parliament debated the preparation of the March European Council at its plenary session in Strasbourg on Wednesday. MEP Kinga Gál, President of the Fidesz Delegation to the European Parliament, stressed that the next meeting of the Heads of State and Government must address the issues of European agriculture and the defence industry, as these will determine the fate of Europe’s economy and security in the long term. On the war in Ukraine, he said that peace and a ceasefire leading to peace talks were needed to end the destruction as soon as possible.

MEP Kinga Gál stressed that the European Council should give priority to the situation of European agriculture at its forthcoming meeting. “This is not a political issue, not a support issue, but a much more important strategic issue, which is crucial for the long-term security of food supply in Europe, for the European economy and for people’s lives.”

She pointed out that it is of strategic importance for Europe to take greater responsibility for ensuring our security. Hungary therefore supports the strengthening of the European defence policy and defence industry. “All this must be built on a strong European defence industrial base and must play a decisive role in the next institutional cycle, with a strong emphasis on institutional architecture and budget. Moreover, stopping illegal immigration at the external borders is an essential condition for Europe’s security”, the Fidesz MEP underlined. 

Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, MEP Kinga Gál stressed that peace and a ceasefire leading to peace negotiations must finally come to the fore. “The longer the war continues, the greater the destruction and the loss of life, and we are therefore convinced that the goal must be to end the war as soon as possible, not to escalate it. And for that to happen, change is needed in Brussels”, she added.