Georgia’s European integration efforts have been successful

2020. 10. 09.

MEPs discussed and broadly supported the report on the implementation of the EU Association Agreement with Georgia during plenary session of the European Parliament in September. EPP’s shadow rapporteur, Andrea Bocskor stated in her speech: “Georgia is on the right path of implementing the Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), and also has made progress in the areas of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom, and good governance”. 

In July 2019, the conflict between the opposition and the ruling party led to protests and created social tensions. Negotiations have begun through international mediation to eliminate polarisation. The progress made in the area of political dialogue is commendable, in particular the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the Joint Statement on 8 March 2020, according to which the constitutional and electoral laws have already been amended in line with international recommendations so that the upcoming parliamentary elections in October will take place accordingly.

“This is a milestone in the normalisation of Georgia’s domestic political environment, which we all are waiting for, and we hope it will lead to transparent and fair elections” – the EPP politician expressed her opinion. “Approval of the report is essential for Georgia and carries a double message: on the one hand, a strong, encouraging signal to the Georgian people, and on the other hand, recognition by the EP of the results of Georgia’s successful cooperation with the EU. It is essential to use ambitious language and a positive approach during the cooperation” – said the Member of the EP.

Andrea Bocskor highlighted: “Georgian society with a huge majority chose the European way,  therefore we should support their decision. We have to exploit the potential of the Association Agreement and the DCFTA to broaden and deepen sectoral, economic and trade cooperation. In order to implement all necessary reforms, a positive attitude is of utmost importance, and the principle of “more for more” should be used in supporting Georgia. The support of youth must be a priority, so they could take part in EU mobility programs and have an opportunity to get quality education. She added: “Of course, there are still shortcomings that need to be addressed by the Georgian leadership, but the achievements of recent years are commendable”.

The text of the report emphasises its full support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. It reaffirms its commitment to a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Russia and Georgia. “The EU gives high priority to Eastern Partnership, in which Georgia has a key role to play. We stand for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and support its Euro-Atlantic and NATO integration efforts,” – concluded Fidesz MEP Andrea Bocskor.