Following the decision of the left, we are even more remote from efficient building renovation programs

2023. 03. 16.

The European Parliament (EP) has voted today on its position on the energy performance of buildings directive. Fidesz MEP András Gyürk emphasized with regard to the vote: “The importance of the energy upgrade of the existing building stock is beyond dispute. However, with today’s decision, the leftist majority, which is currently mired in the Brussels corruption scandal would make the effective implementation of building renovation programs impossible.”

The maximization of the potential of energy efficiency is of great importance in maintaining energy security and keeping the bills down. To this end, an efficient implementation of national building renovation programs is necessary. Especially in the context of the energy crisis and inflationary environment caused by Brussels’ sanctions, setting unrealistic goals and increasing bureaucratic burdens is utterly irresponsible.

Nevertheless, the left-wing majority of the EP has chosen to take this path today. If it were up to them, the leftists would ban natural gas-based heating from 2025 in newly built and renovated buildings, and everywhere from 2035. Furthermore, they would also slow down the planning processes with new bureaucratic procedures.

“With today’s decision, it has become obvious that the left will stop at nothing to enforce its own failed green ideology. However, in our opinion, successful building modernization programs can be realized through responsible planning, the reduction of red tape, and the immediate release of blocked EU funds. That’s why we keep fighting, the battle is not over,” said MEP András Gyürk.