Extreme weather: Protecting human life is most important

2019. 11. 27.

Briefing by MEP Ádám Kósa

On a plenary debate in the European Parliament yesterday evening, MEPs discussed how the EU can respond effectively to extreme weather conditions and how to protect Europe’s urban areas and cultural heritage in connection with the floods in Venice. In his speech, Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa drew attention to the importance of protecting human life.

MEP Kósa emphasized that protecting our built environment and our cultural heritage is important, but the protection of human life is even more important. As an example, Kósa mentioned that the Tirana earthquake or the extreme weather in Southern Europe claimed many victims this week.

The EPP Group politician stressed that disaster risk reduction should be a priority. However, when trouble is inevitable, all of our fellow human beings should immediately be informed of the emergency. According to MEP Kósa, the key questions are: how do people become aware of the danger and whether the disaster warning system is accessible for everyone? It is also crucial that those who get into trouble receive timely assistance. “But how does a person who is deaf or blind, or who has reduced mobility seek help?”, raised the question the Fidesz MEP.

Kósa believes that the solution lies within the introduction of modern technologies and applications so that we could ensure that people in distress across the EU are fully aware of the emergency and, if necessary, can seek help for themselves or for their peers. “I am convinced that this could save a lot of lives,” concluded Ádám Kósa.