European Parliament turns 70: far from citizens, far from reality

2022. 11. 22.

“The European Parliament has become an institution that thinks it can do everything and always has to make its voice heard. It has become an ideological and political pressure organization that constantly ignores the provisions that apply to it and seeks to extend its powers to the limit in an illegal manner. In fact, the EP should be a forum for reconciling interests, given that the Member States are the guarantors of sovereignty in the European Union”, said MEP László Trócsányi in Strasbourg on the 70th anniversary of the European Parliament.

At a ceremony on Tuesday, MEPs commemorated the body’s 70th anniversary. “The EP was founded with the aim of promoting the democratic nature of the functioning of the European institutions. Unfortunately, it has not achieved this, and its current functioning is not in line with this objective”, MEP Trócsányi said.

According to MEP László Trócsányi, the EP today is fond of criticising national governments on ideological grounds and of calling for sanctions against sovereign countries. “It cannot fulfil the ideal of integration embodied in the slogan ‘unity in diversity”, said MEP László Trócsányi. He added that a stronger role for national parliaments is needed to give a stronger voice to the democratic functioning of the European institutions.