Europe must strive for greater independence regarding the provision of critical raw materials

2023. 09. 15.

The European Parliament adopted its position on the regulation on critical raw materials. As a reaction to the decision, Fidesz MEP András Gyürk has stated the following,: “The digital and green transitions are unthinkable without an increased use of critical raw materials. A balanced supply will mainly require cooperation with all countries based on mutual respect, reduction of bureaucracy and promotion of the circular economy.”

The world has entered the first stage of a new industrial revolution. The realization of digitization and climate protection efforts will require the production of many technologies and products based on the intensive use of critical raw materials. “Therefore, it is timely for Europe to develop a unified approach to the issue,” underlined the Fidesz MEP.

Several factors are needed to increase the strategic independence of the Union. “One of these is the diversification of critical sources of raw materials, for which we must strive to establish balanced cooperations with all the relevant countries, based on mutual respect and benefits,” the Hungarian MEP pointed out.

“Second, it is also important to promote a circular approach in the economy that prioritizes more efficient recycling and processing of raw materials. Finally, significant results can also be achieved through the reduction of bureaucracy and red tape. Only in this way, in a complex way, can we address the issue of critical raw materials,” MEP András Gyürk summarized.