Change is needed in Brussels!

2023. 11. 09.

Today, the plenary of the European Parliament (EP) voted on its resolution on the “Euro 7″ draft regulation, which aims to define new rules and standards for motor vehicle emission-limits. Fidesz MEP Edina Tóth pointed out after the vote: the European Commission, together with the European left, made a proposal to reduce vehicle emission to such an extent that it would have completely destroyed the car industry, but with a right-wing coalition, it was possible to adopt a text by which this could be avoided. Enough of the thoughtless proposals from Brussels. Change is needed in Brussels. The decision between the European right, which is on the side of common sense and has people’s interests in mind, and the left, which comes up with corrupt and irresponsible ideas, is the stake of next year’s EP elections,” – she added.

According to MEP Edina Tóth, the concerns of the European car industry were justified, because they would not have been able to develop cost-effectively with the limit values and deadlines proposed by the left, but instead car factories would have had to be closed, and the costs of buying cars for citizens would have increased. “Due to the planned new standards, it would have been almost impossible to develop the technology of traditional internal combustion cars cost-effectively,” – she added.

According to the Fidesz MEP, a good agreement has been reached, since in the case of light vehicles it was achieved that the Euro 7 regulation will only be applied from 2030, while Euro 6 standards will remain in force until then. “We, the representatives of the European right, will continue to work for the interests of the people. We will do everything to ensure that thoughtless regulations do not impose unnecessary burdens on citizens and our automotive industry,” – MEP Edina Tóth emphasized.