Brussels’ misguided migration policy threatens the lives of Serbia’s citizens

2023. 09. 14.

The President of the Commission’s speech evaluating the state of the Union and the subsequent debate took place in the European Parliament. Fidesz MEP Andor Deli from Vojvodina, pointed out in connection with the debate that he does not share the optimism of the President of the Commission. He emphasized: “The consequences of Brussels’ wrong migration policy can already be seen outside the EU. We see this in Serbia, where armed clashes between migrants take place almost every week in border towns and villages, constantly endangering the lives and safety of the local population.”

“Serbia is a candidate country that hopes to become a member of the EU one day. For this reason, it has been trying to meet the EU’s expectations on migration issues for years. However, the local population feels the effects of the faulty EU migration policy on their own skin, since the number of illegal migrants has only increased in recent years, and, as we can see, they are increasingly arriving at the EU border armed with weapons,” the Fidesz MEP pointed out.

“It is time for the Commission to treat the safety of European citizens, including the people of Serbia, as a priority and change its incorrect migration policy,” emphasized MEP Deli.