A significant number of national parliaments oppose proposals for the centralization of the EU

2022. 03. 25.

European and national parliamentarians were supposed to adopt a joint declaration in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. However, the national parliaments did not support the demands of the European mainstream for more centralization and a federal European Union reducing the sovereignty of the Member States and the role of national parliaments.

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a welcomed exercise, as it is more important than ever to reflect on the Union’s future. However, unfortunately only certain political groups in the European Parliament – that are committed to transforming the Union into a federal state – have a real role to play in the main decision-making body, the Executive Board of the Conference, and this influences the impartiality of the whole process in a negative way.

The European Parliament is demanding more and more powers for itself to the detriment of the Member States. Members with a pro-federalist affiliation have drafted a declaration promoting the creation of a federal Europe and they have expected to receive support from national parliaments. To their surprise, a significant number of national parliaments rejected the draft of the declaration, therefore, the meeting had to be adjourned. There was no step made towards the adoption of the draft declaration in the meeting of the national parliaments as well.

In the current situation, Europe needs unity and real dialogue, not ideologically determined proposals for a federal EU.