The EU’s rule of law policy only allows for arbitrariness

2022. 04. 26.

The Polish research institute Ordo Iuris held a conference entitled “Rule of Law in the EU: concern for democracy or an attack on sovereignty?” at the European Parliament. In his address, Fidesz MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross said that “linking rule of law principles to EU budgetary resources goes against the original intention of the Treaties. Such a procedure would require an objectively interpretable, uniform and legally sound definition. If this is not the case, the procedure is merely arbitrary.”

Speaking at the conference attended by leading European conservative politicians, MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross stressed that “the EU is holding Hungary and Poland to account for rule of law by basing its investigations on purely political criteria. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no scrutiny of the functioning of the EU institutions, which are the original addressees of the system of requirements.”

The Fidesz politician warned that the current rule of law policy runs counter to the compromise between Member States on the transfer of sovereignty, as it seeks to force the EU to interfere in any political decision of a Member State.

“Hungarian voters have shown that the EU’s tactics are not working. Fidesz has been given a stronger mandate than ever before to pursue a conservative policy based on nation states. This is our mission for the upcoming debates”, MEP Ernő Schaller-Baross said in closing.